The one-box 'picoEmerald S'

The picoEmerald from APE is the ideal source for picosecond coherent Raman spectroscopy, as well as multimodal imaging and SHG/multiphoton fluorescence.

Now available with even shorter (2 ps) pulses and <10 cm-1 linewidth, the 'picoEmerald S' offers three-times shorter pulses than Nd:YVO-pumped OPOs, and five-times higher Signal and signal-to-noise ratio in SRS imaging (including video rate).

This fully-automated, hands-free, one-box solution for CARS and SRS microscopy is ideal for non-laser experts. It provides a three-colour output (Signal/Idler/1064nm), perfectly overlapped in space and time, and covers the entire fingerprint region: 720 cm-1 to 9000 cm-1

In April 2014, the front-cover of Nature Cell Biology features an image captured using the picoEmerald (courtesy of Alan Serrels and Martin Lee at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre)

The picoEmerald from APE

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