Photonic Solutions now offer the two-photon laser scanning microscope range from the innovative and highly respected Hungarian specialist, Femtonics.

With a focus on custom designed 2D systems for physiological and biophysical investigations, Femtonics’ systems are tuned for the fastest 2D and 3D optical measurements and have recently pioneered real time 3D imaging technology with the Femto3D-Atlas.

The Femto3D-Atlas microscope is the first fast, 3D, two-photon microscope on the market capable of in-vivo high speed 3D imaging of neuronal activity of more than 2000 neurons, with scanning speeds up to 53kHz and motion corection in behaving model animals. 

For users looking for flexible space under the objective choose from Femtonics FEMTOSmart series, with its three members, represent traditional two-photon imaging systems able to perform galvo and resonant scanner-based functional imaging. The FEMTOSmart can be offered to perform dual scanning using both Galvo and Resonant scanners in tandem. or galvo or resonant independently. This FEMTOSmart microscope has been designed with a specially elevated body, which allows extremely free positioning of the sample below the objective. The footprint of the leg is only 250mm x 250mm and the objective can move in a 50mm range in the Z direction and the microscope can move up to 50mm in the XY direction around the base. 

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Femto 3D ATLAS Two-Photon Microscope

Femto 3D Atlas

The FEMTO3D Atlas combines high-tech science and engineering in 3D measurements. It implements and goes beyond the traditional galvo and resonant scanner-based imaging functions and combines them with a unique fast 3D imaging feature based on acousto-optic technology. The FEMTO3D Atlas enables its users to scan neuronal, dendritic, or other biological processes in 3D, up to a million times faster than classical scanning methods, at a preserved two-photon resolution

FEMTOSmart-Dual Two-Photon Microscope

The FEMTOSmart Dual microscope contains both galvanometric and resonant scanners, providing all advantages of the two imaging techniques. Using the two scanner functions in tandem is a perfect solution for photostimulation. The galvanometric scanner directs the laser to cells or subcellular components selectively. With the resonant scanner, you can follow the changes in the cells of a neural network, collecting imaging data simultaneously by high-speed frame scanning of the surrounding area. 

FEMTOSmart-Resonant Two-Photon Microscope

The FemtoS-Resonant from the FemtoSmart series is equipped with a resonant based scanner and is the most appropriate choice for imaging of the entire field of view (FOV) with high frame rates. In this microscope Femtonics combines the high speed and high sensitivity imaging of living tissues. Resonant scanner based raster scanning is ~5-fold faster for fast acquisition of the entire FOV compared to galvanometric based scanning.

FEMTOSmart-Galvo Two-Photon Microscope

The FEMTOSmart-Galvo from the FemtoSmart series is a galvanometric scanner based two-photon microscopes which allows functional imaging focusing on the region of interest (ROI) for high speed and SNR. The galvo scanner combined with Femtonics' intelligent control software enables the user to select numerous scanning patterns covering widely distributed ROIs including multiple frame scanning, multiple line scanning and random-access point scanning.

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