Microscope Accessories

Femtonics offer a range of unique accessories to compliment and enhance the target biological applications.

These include head holders, dual perfusion chamber kits for live cell imaging, shading box to allow high sensitivity external detection of fluorescence even in a daylight room, intrinsic imaging monitoring tool for use before and during in vivo measurements and also chemical compounds for uncaging.

Microscope Accessories - products

Femtonics Focus Tunable Liquid Lens for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics Focus Tunable Liquid Lens is a combination of a standard objective and a fast focusing lens. The lens utilizes electrically controlled shape-changing membrane to focus over a 200nm focal range whilst allowing fast switching between focal planes at a switching speed of 10ms.

Femtonics Piezo Objective Positioner for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics piezo objective positioner is available as an upgrade to all Femtonics two-photon microscopes to equip the system with piezo objective positioner to collect signals from different depths with up to 200 Hz resolving activity (500Hz in resonant scanning) and with nm resolution.

Femtonics Tilting Objective for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics tilting objective is available as an upgrade to all Femto2D product line (Femto2D-Galvo, Femto2D-Resonant and Femto2D-Dual) and FemtoS series. The unit gives flexible objective positioning with a high degree of freedom and precision and so is primarily useful for in vivo experiments, intravital imaging, deep brain imaging in rodents or even non human primates.

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