Lasers for Microscopy

We offer an extensive range of laser for use in microscopy, from 2p and 3p lasers for multiphoton imaging, to CW laser engines for confocal and super resolution microsopy, to ps OPOs for CARS and SRS imaging, to high repetition rate, picosecond pulsed lasers for fluorescence lifetime microscopy.

Lasers for Microscopy - products

SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum laser

SuperK FIANIUM Supercontinuum Laser

NKT Photonics' SuperK Fianium is built on the World’s best-selling supercontinuum laser - the SuperK EXTREME- but the new SuperK FIANIUM has upgraded electronics and new fiber technology giving you the best performance and reliability on the market. And it is even easier to use – no laser expertise needed. It delivers high brightness diffraction limited light in the entire 390-2400 nm region. By adding one of NKT's computer-controlled filters, the SuperK FIANIUM can be converted into an ultra-tunable laser. 

Oxxius, LaserBoxx Low Noise Laser Diode Module, 375 to 1064nm, 50 to 500mW

Oxxius have expanded their LaserBoxx CW diode laser range even further to include new wavelengths 415nm and 458nm, and higher powers of up to 300mW at 488nm and 500mW at 445nm. Choose from an extensive range of wavelengths from 375 to 1064nm and power from 50 to 500mW.

SuperK EVO HP industrial white light laser


NKT Photonics' SuperK EVO HP is optimized for reliability, footprint, and cost making it the ideal solution for OEM integration in demanding commercial applications. Offering up to 3W output power from 400-2400nm range and a high repetition rate of 20 MHz.

Multi-line Laser Platform - Oxxius Laser Combiners

Oxxius laser combiners are the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser sources, with up to 7 laser lines and delivery up to 4 optical fiber outputs.

Oxxius LaserBoxx LCX-xxxL Series Low Noise DPSS Laser, 532 to 639nm, 50 to 500mW

Continuous wave laser with wavelengths from 532 to 639nm, power from 50 to 500mW and optional output power modulation.

BDL-SMN Series Picosecond Diode Laser, 375 to 785nm, Synchronisation Input

BDL SMC diode lasers

Pulsed and continuous wave diode laser with wavelengths from 375 to 785nm, power from 40 to 500mW, repetition rate from 20 to 80MHz and pulsewidth from 40 to 300ps.

Levante Emerald ultrafast OPOs

Levante Emerald OPO Laser

Newly designed picosecond and femtosecond OPOs with fully automated control for key applications such as coherent Raman spectroscopy (CARS and SRS), multiphoton microscopy, quantum dot excitation and transient absorption microscopy (TAM).

Carpe Microscopy Autocorrelator

Carpe Microscopy Autocorrelatior

The APE Carpe autocorrelator is the first autocorrelator for microscopy applications.

Oxxius LaserBoxx Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM) DPSS Lasers

SLM CW monolithic DPSS lasers with wavelengths from 530nm to 1064nm, powers from 50 to 500mW and exceptional wavelength stability of 1pm.

OneFive KATANA HP High Power Picosecond laser


The KATANA HP is the laser of choice for high power, picosecond pulses in the yellow and infrared. In the standard configuration, the KATANA HP provides pulses of 700 ps duration and a pulse repetition rate of 20-80 MHz.

OneFive KATANA pulsed laser


If you need a versatile, sub-nanosecond laser system designed for all industrial applications, the KATANA laser is an excellent choice.

CRONUS-3P for Advanced Nonlinear Microscopy

CRONUS-3P is an OPA-based laser source developed specifically for advanced nonlinear microscopy.

Carmina for AFM-IR and sSNOM

Fully automated and broadly tunable IR laser source, specifically designed for the integration with Scattering SNOM and AFM-IR microscopes.

PicoEmerald for CARS and SRS


The easy-to-use and truly hands-free tunable picosecond light source. Ideal for SRS and CARS, offering three temporally and spatially overlapped picosecond pulse trains to cover the full fingerprint region and beyond.

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