Supercontinuum Lasers

NKT Photonics SuperK supercontinuum lasers come in a range of power levels and spectral coverage. These turn-key supercontinuum lasers are used by many of the most innovative companies within bio-imaging, semiconductor inspection, industrial metrology, and scientific instrumentation. Select the FIANIUM  series if you need maximum wavelength coverage, high power and lots of functionality. Choose the COMPACT series if you are looking for a cost-effective and compact solution. The table below gives an overview of the operating specifications of the available lasers 


Visible power level

Total power level

Repetition rate

Variable rep rate


0.6-2 W

2.2-6.5 W

78 MHz

SuperK EVO 

40 mW

1 W

20 MHz



0.03-3 W

0.1-10 W

20-30 MHz



20 mW

0.1 W



SuperK OCT

0.4-2 W

2-8 W



Supercontinuum Lasers - products

SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum laser

SuperK FIANIUM Supercontinuum Laser

NKT Photonics' SuperK Fianium is built on the World’s best-selling supercontinuum laser - the SuperK EXTREME- but the new SuperK FIANIUM has upgraded electronics and new fiber technology giving you the best performance and reliability on the market. And it is even easier to use – no laser expertise needed. It delivers high brightness diffraction limited light in the entire 390-2400 nm region. By adding one of NKT's computer-controlled filters, the SuperK FIANIUM can be converted into an ultra-tunable laser. 

SuperK EVO HP industrial white light laser


NKT Photonics' SuperK EVO HP is optimized for reliability, footprint, and cost making it the ideal solution for OEM integration in demanding commercial applications. Offering up to 3W output power from 400-2400nm range and a high repetition rate of 20 MHz.


SuperK CHROMATUNE – the World’s broadest tunable laser giving you an unmatched 400-1000 nm tuning range.

SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum laser

Supercontinuum Laser-SuperK Compact

The SuperK COMPACT is the world's most economical supercontinuum source, providing a wide spectral output from 450nm to 2400nm and with a brightness orders of magnitude larger than that of incandescent lamps and with far greater bandwidth than ASE sources or SLEDs. The light is delivered in a single mode fiber terminated with either a standard FC/PC connector or our high quality collimator.

SuperK EVO industrial white light laser

SuperK EVO Supercontinuum Laser-SuperK Extreme

NKT Photonics' SuperK EVO is a cost-efficient white light laser based on NKT's extremely reliable fiber laser technology. Offering very high brightness across the 500-2000 nm range and a high repetition rate of 20 MHz, the EVO is perfectly suited for Test & Measurement and optical device characterization.

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