Fiber Lasers and Systems

We offer continuous wave, ultra-narrow linewidth, single frequency fiber lasers in the 1µm and 1.5µm wavelength range from NKT Photonics which are available as compact, OEM modules such as the BasiK, but also in benchtop formats as the AdjustiK and BoostiK where up to 15W of power is available.

Fiber Lasers and Systems - products

MFE High-Power Fiber Amplifer

Modular high-power fibre amplifier system based on Er and Yb doped active fibres.

Compact Fibre Amplified Laser

The MOGLabs MGPA is a compact fibre laser system, with seed and amplifier, operating in the Yb (1020 to 1100nm) and Er (1530 to 1610nm) wavelength ranges.

MOGLabs Frequency Doubling/Mixing (MGFM)

The MOGLabs MGFM uses single-pass quasi-phase-matched non-linear crystals for frequency doubling or mixing

OneFive KATANA HP High Power Picosecond laser


The KATANA HP is the laser of choice for high power, picosecond pulses in the yellow and infrared. In the standard configuration, the KATANA HP provides pulses of 700 ps duration and a pulse repetition rate of 20-80 MHz.

OneFive KATANA pulsed laser


If you need a versatile, sub-nanosecond laser system designed for all industrial applications, the KATANA laser is an excellent choice.

NKT Photonics Koheras BOOSTIK 1.5micron line card amplifier module

The Koheras BOOSTIK is a compact fiber amplifier module designed for NKT Photonics' low-noise, narrow-linewidth Koheras seed lasers and is available for the 1.5-micron wavelength range. The amplifier module is designed as a line card for the Koheras ACOUSTIK multi-wavelength system which also supports the Koheras BASIK seed lasers.

NKT Photonics' Koheras HARMONIK Frequency-doubled, <200Hz linewidth, up to 7W at 780nm

Continuous wave, single frequency, narrow linewidth fiber laser with dual wavelengths at 780nm & 1.5µm, power up to 7W and optional output power modulation.

NKT Photonics Koheras ADJUSTIK low noise single-frequency lasers

AdjustiK Benchtop Fibre Laser

Rack mountable benchtop, low noise fiber laser featuring ultra-low phase noise and Hz-range linewidth. Standard systems are Our standard systems are available at 1550.12 nm, 1064.00 nm, and 1762.17 nm. Depending on the model, output powers are 10mW to 2W.

NKT Photonics BASIK Fiber Laser, 1030 to 1580nm, 10 to 40mW

BasiK OEM Fibre Laser

The Koheras BasiK Standard is a narrow linewidth fiber laser available at 1550.12nm and 1064.00nm and special systems anywhere in the 1535–1580nm and 1030–1120nm ranges. Depending on the model, output powers are 10-40mW.

NKT Photonics BASIK MIKRO Fiber Laser, 1535 to 1580nm, 10 to 40mW

Continuous wave fiber laser with wavelengths from 1535 to 1580nm, power from 10 to 40mW and optional output power modulation.

NKT Photonics BOOSTIK Fiber Laser, 1050 to 1570nm, 2 to 15W

BoostiK High Power Fibre Laser

Continuous wave fiber laser with wavelengths from 1050 to 1570nm, power from 2 to 15W and optional output power modulation.

Kimmon KKFL20 Fiber Laser, 1064nm, 20W

Continuous wave fiber laser with a wavelength of 1064nm and power of 20W.

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