Live Webinar - Implementing spectroscopy for wider and more niche applications

Live Webinar - Tue, Nov 30, 2021 3:00 PM GMT in parternship with Electro-Optics magazine.

Photonic Solutions are sponsoring a live webinar in conjunction with Electro-Optics Magazine focusing on the advances being made in spectroscopy equipment, in particular the enabling capabilites of supercontinuum (SC), Raman hyperspectral imaging and fourier-transform interferometry.

We are so pleased to have the support of our partner suppliers NKT Photonics, SensiR and NIREOS and to have the opportunity to showcase their product capabilities in a wide range of spectroscopic applications.

NKT Photonics will highlight the power of supercontinuum lasers when utilised as a source for NIR-SWIR in hyperspectral imaging.

SensIR will present the SensIR Hyperspectral design technology and present results for the Raman Hyperspectral System on mineral core analysis.

NIREOS will introduce their GEMINI fourier-transform interferometer and will demonstrate how this new technology has brought this – previously long-wavelength only – technique into the visible.

The webcast is free to attend although you must register to attend.

Register here today!

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