COMPARE Workshop on Single-Molecule imaging and spectroscopy of membrane proteins

When: March 12th – 13th 2019

Where: University of Birmingham

This year The Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) workshop will focus on Single-Molecule Imaging & Spectroscopy of Membrane Proteins. The workshop will run over two day. Day 1 on Tuesday 12th March will consist of talks covering both recent exciting biological findings and new methodological developments. Day 2 takes place in The Imaging Suite, Institute of Biomedical Research in the Medical School and will offer unique practical sessions that include in-depth demonstrations of cutting-edge single-molecule microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.

We are pleased to be sponsoring this event and showcasing Oxxius's CW diode and Oxxius's DPSS lasers that are enabling researchers in the field of single molecule imaging. Come and talk to us to find out how you can utilise these sources for localisation imaging.  

About COMPARE : COMPARE is a unique collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham. Bringing together leading researchers to develop novel methods for visualising single membrane proteins, as well as identifying new approaches for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer angiogenesis.

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