Broadcom’s matchbox sized spectrometers are designed for industrial integration performing measurements between 190 nm and 1700 nm. The compact UV Spectrometer, Vis Spectrometer and near infrared Spectrometer families feature high optical performance in a rugged housing to offer reliable measurement in industrial surroundings.

Sophisticated electronics, with USB, SPI and UART as serial interfaces, free Software and SDK ensure fast response times for real-time analytics.


Process Control and Monitoring
Medical Diagnostics
Chemical Analysis
Material and Polymer Analysis
Raman Spectroscopy
Color Measurements
Environmental Monitoring
Authentication and Anti-Counterfeiting
Light Measurements
Quality Control
Water Quality Analysis
LIBS Spectroscopy

Miniature Spectrometer Systems

Broadcom Qmini

Miniature spectrometer available in six wavelength configurations from 190nm to 1100nm, optimized for flexible and tight integration.

Broadcom Qneo

Neat NIR Spectrometer designed for industrial integration.

Broadcom Qtube

UV Sensitive Miniature Spectrometer for Flexible
Industrial Integration

Broadcom Qwave

Compact USB Spectrometer Combining
Outstanding Optical Resolution and Sensitivity

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