Photon etc

Photon etc's two decades of innovation in the field of optics has established the company as a key player in hyperspectral and infrared imaging, optical filtering, and cryogenic encapsulation.

The vertical integration of their systems ensures that a high level of quality control is maintained at every step of production and an end result that is optimized for even the most demanding applications. Beyond their standard product lines, they bring to bear their know-how through collaborations with industry and researchers both local and international. It’s in PhotonETC's DNA to build systems that measure up to the high standards set by their customers in science and industry.

Hyperspectral and SWIR Microscopes

CIMA Confocal Hyperspectral Microscope

CIMA is a hyperspectral confocal system sensitive between 400 nm and 1700 nm. Spectral resolution can be as low as 0.2 nm in the visible range, and 0.6 nm in the infrared

IR VIVO NIR-II Preclinical Imager

IR VIVO is an infrared multispectral imager for small animal studies. This system benefits from reduced light scattering, absorption and auto-fluorescence by using a detection system in the near and short-wave infrared.

RIMA Global Hyperspectral Raman Microscope

RIMA is a hyperspectral global microscope delivering spectral and spatial information. This system rapidly provides Raman maps over large fields of view.

LIMA Global hyperspectral microscope

LIMA is a global hyperspectral microscope where the excitation is based on widely tunable excitation source spanning 400 nm to 1620 nm allowing for unique darkfield and brightfield imaging.

IMA Global hyperspectral microscope

IMA is a hyperspectral global microscope delivering spectral and spatial information in the VIS, NIR and/or SWIR spectral ranges (400 nm - 1620 nm).

Infrared and SWIR Cameras

Zephir 2.9 MCT SWIR Camera

The ZephIR 2.9 SWIR camera is a complete HgCdTe (MCT) camera, with a sensitive 320 x 256 pixel focal plane matrix (FPA) over a range of 850 to 2900 nm.

PhySpec Analysis Software

PHySpec is Photon etc.’s proprietary software for instrument and camera control. Designed for simplicity, it’s easy to install and presents a straightforward user interface.

Zephir 2.5 HgCdTe (MCT) eSWIR Camera

The ZephIR 2.5 is a fully integrated HgCdTe camera with a 320 x 256 pixels focal plane array (FPA) sensitive from 850 to 2500 nm.

Zephir 1.7 Deep Cooled, InGaAs SWIR Camera

Zephir 1.7

Photon etc.'s ZephIR 1.7 SWIR camera is a low-noise InGaAs camera for near-infrared. Cooled to -80 ° C, it is sensitive from 0.9 to 1.7 μm

Hyperspectral Imaging

L-EOS Push broom hyperspectral scanner

The L-EOS is an infrared push broom hyperspectral system optimized from 0.9 up to 2.8 µm.

S-EOS Infrared Hyperspectral Wide-Field Camera

The S-EOS global hyperspectral camera offers the unique power of HgCdTe infrared detectors coupled with rich spectral information to offer continuous tunability from 900 to 1620 nm or from 900 to 2500 nm.

V-EOS Hyperspectral Wide-Field Camera

V-EOS is a global hyperspectral camera offering complete and detailed information with full-resolution images over a wavelength range from 400 to 1000 nm. V-EOS will redefine the way you perform spectral analysis.

Grand-EOS Global Hyperspectral Wide-Field Camera

GRAND-EOS platform combines a hyperspectral microscopy system with a wide-field hyperspectral imaging platform, giving access to micro and macro modes on a spectral scale covering 400 nm to 1000 nm for the VIS version and 900-1620nm for the SWIR version.

Light Sources and Filters

TLS Tunable Laser Source

Photon etc.’s TLS is a continuously tunable laser with high spectral power density. It combines NKTP’s supercontinuum lasers and Photon etc.’s LLTF to allow many different TLS configurations.


The Laser Line Tunable Filter (LLTF CONTRAST) is a non-dispersive patented (US patent 7557990) tunable bandpass filter based on volume Bragg gratings. It combines very high optical density (> OD6), an outstanding out-of-band rejection, and wide tunability

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