Optosky have been manufacturing miniature spectrometers for over 20 years, and are one of the dominant players in their domestic market.  They committed to leading technology innovation in miniature spectroscopy, with particular emphasis on Raman applications.  They are involved at a Chinese national level in drafting national measurement and audit standards.

Miniature Spectrometer Systems

ATP1000 Series Spectrometers

ATP1000 Microspectrometer

Optosky's ATP1000 microspectrometers are remarkably small CMOS based units that are lightweight and ultra-compact (45×40×24 mm3). They are a highly reliable, ultra-high-speed, cost-effective solution that can be adapted for various environmental applications such as on-line testing.

ATP2000 Series Spectrometers

ATP2000P Spectrometer

Optosky's ATP2000 series are general purpose spectrometers that can be configured for fluorescence, transmittance, reflectance, spectrophotometric and biochemical analysis. The compact form factor makes them suitable for lab, field, process and OEM applications.

ATP3000 Series High-Sensitivity Spectrometers

ATP3000 Series High-Resolution Spectrometer

Optosky's ATP3000 series spectrometers provide users with high spectral response and optical resolution in a single unit. ATP3000 spectrometers are used where fast reactions need to be monitored and high resolution is necessary, such as characterising lasers, measuring gas absorbance and determining atomic emission lines.

ATP5000 Series Deep Ultraviolet Spectrometers

ATP5020P Spectrometer

Optosky's ATP5000 series of miniature, high sensitivity spectrometers are particularly suited to low light level, ultraviolet (UV) sensitive applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis.

ATP6500 Scientific Grade Spectrometer

ATP6500 Scientific Grade Spectrometer

The Optosky ATP65000 is a high-sensitivity, high-resolution, scientific grade, mini fibre optic spectrometer.

It utilises an ultra-high performance, 1044 x 64 pixel, back-thinned CCD with the widest dynamic range. Cooled down to -20°C, operating dark current is greatly reduced, and the resulting low sensor noise gives almost twice the SNR of other devices.

ATP8000 Series Near Infrared Spectrometers

ATP8000 Near Infrared Spectrometer

Optosky's ATP8000 series of miniature optical fiber spectrometers is designed for 900-2600nm, using either 256 or 512 (HR versions) pixel cooled InGaAs arrays. The resulting low noise gives almost twice the SNR of competitive devices.

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