MOGLabs is a company of in-the-lab scientists and engineers, people that know what you need because they've come from labs like yours. They supply products which balance outstanding performance, superb features, high-quality design, excellent ergonomics and moderate cost.

Their products are the result of years of active laboratory development by research students and scientists using diode lasers all day everyday.

Fiber Lasers and Systems

MFE High-Power Fiber Amplifer

Modular high-power fibre amplifier system based on Er and Yb doped active fibres.

Compact Fibre Amplified Laser

The MOGLabs MGPA is a compact fibre laser system, with seed and amplifier, operating in the Yb (1020 to 1100nm) and Er (1530 to 1610nm) wavelength ranges.

MOGLabs Frequency Doubling/Mixing (MGFM)

The MOGLabs MGFM uses single-pass quasi-phase-matched non-linear crystals for frequency doubling or mixing

Diode Lasers and Systems

Motorised Cateye Laser CEM

Motorised cateye laser

The MOGLabs CEM motorised cateye laser is a revolutionary advance in the tuneable laser market.

Injection-Locked Amplifiers (ILA)

Combined with Moglabs stable seed lasers, the ILA delivers over 1W@461nm for Sr cooling and 400mW@399nm for Yb. These systems provide a compact and low-cost alternative to expensive SHG systems, with beam quality superior to that of TA systems.

Optical Amplifier MOA/MSA

Analog AOM Driver

The MSA seeded amplifier uses the unique inherently self-aligned MOGLabs cateye laser with its very low frequency drift and industry-leading passive linewidth.

LDL Littrow "desmo" Laser

Our new Littrow configuration extended cavity diode laser with monoblock chassis, the linewidth is routinely below 200kHz and can easily achieve sub-100kHz.

Cateye Diode Laser CEL/CEF

The MOGLabs cateye diode laser offers a new twist in external cavity diode lasers. A cateye reflector and ultranarrow filter replace the alignment-sensitive diffraction grating of conventional Littrow and Litman-Metcalf designs.

Laser Diagnostic Equipment

FZW compact Wavemeter

Model 5105 Dual-Phase Analogue Lock-in amplifier

A Standalone compact wavelength measurement device based on Fizeau interferometers, providing reliably accurate measurements over a wide range of wavelengths (400-1100nm) without recalibration.

MWM Low-cost Wavemeter

Model 5105 Dual-Phase Analogue Lock-in amplifier

A compact and economical grating-based laser wavelength measurement device, with integrated display and ethernet/USB connectivity.

Laser Electronics

Fast Servo Controller

Model 5105 Dual-Phase Analogue Lock-in amplifier

The FSC is an ultra-fast PID servo controller for high-bandwidth laser locking, with separate control loops for fast (current) and slow (piezo) feedback for complete control of laser frequency. The control loop can be optimally tuned for cavity locking, linewidth narrowing or beatnote offset locking applications.

Laser Diode Driver LDD605

Model 5105 Dual-Phase Analogue Lock-in amplifier

The LDD is designed for use with our MOA/MSA series of tapered amplifiers, as well as high-power diodes for lasers and fibre amplifiers.

Diode Laser Controller - DLC/202/DLC252/DLC502

Model 5105 Dual-Phase Analogue Lock-in amplifier

The MOGbox DLC202 laser diode controller is the world's first all-in-one controller for driving and frequency locking an external cavity diode laser.

Opto Electronics

QRF Quad RF Synthesizer and AOM Driver

The MOGLabs QRF is a quad-channel RF synthesizer that offers the flexibility of computer-controlled DDS generation at an economical per-channel price.

Agile RF synthesizer

Agile RF synthesizer

The MOGLabs ARF and XRF AOM drivers provide two channels of agile RF digital frequency synthesis, with optional high-power amplifiers. Includes built-in high-bandwidth AM/FM/PM as well as a PID feedback servo for use as an optical noise eater. Build upon a high-speed FPGA controlling AD9910 DDS cores, and uses a separate microcontroller for simple communication and control.

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