Sound and Bright

Sound & Bright offers a range of cutting-edge laser-based ultrasound systems, with market-leading sensitivity and noise reduction, for Non-Destructive Testing applications ranging from laboratory research and development to industry.

Founded by experts in optics and non-destructive testing, Sound & Bright are specialised in the development of innovative non-destructive testing instruments. These sophisticated systems are hand-assembled and tested by the same experts who developed them. They are currently the only company on the market to offer a system based on multi-channel random quadrature (MCRQ), the Quartet, which was developed thanks to grants from NASA and NSF. 

Laser-based Ultrasound

Modulo Uno - M1L

Sound & Bright's brand new Modulo Uno receiver: based on the Quartet, relying on a single detector array.

Tempo 2D - Multi-component Receiver

The multi-component laser receiver is capable of simultaneously measuring two components of the surface displacement, the out-of-plane and the in-plane motions, using a single laser probe and a single collecting optic.

Tempo 1D - Ultra High Frequency Receiver

The Tempo 1D has become one of the most popular laser receivers worldwide for high frequency and ultra high frequency inspection. It is capable of detecting surface displacements resulting from the propagation of UHF ultrasounds, up to GHz.

The Quartet - Multi Purpose Receiver

Laser-based interferometer from Sound and Bright, suitable for a wide range of applications, it offers high sensitivity, requires low to no maintenance, can be fitted with a variety of laser wavelengths, and is capable of rapid scans and measurements.

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