The terahertz waveband ranges from 100 GHz to 10 THz. At these frequencies, the electromagnetic waves have unique and interesting properties:

These waves...

  • penetrate non-polar materials such as plastic, ceramic, wood and fabric;
  • are highly absorbed by water and moisture;
  • have low energy requirements
  • are non-ionizing

Terahertz laser source

Due to its high sensitivity and the range of coverage (0.3 THz to 4 THz), the TZcam camera is the ideal tool for qualification/upgrading of your terahertz laser source.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

What's more, thanks to its 320x240 pixel definition, it is the ideal camera to meet your real-time nondestructive testing (NDT) needs.

With this terahertz imager, you can see through materials," making it ideal for developing your nondestructive testing solutions, for detecting and inspecting defects in wood, paper/cardboard, polymers and plastics, ceramics, composites, plants, food, as well as for evaluating humidity rates in these same materials.

What's more, these terahertz waves are non-ionizing and therefore pose no risk to the human body, making this technology an attractive alternative to NDT X-ray solutions.

Terahertz Imaging

TZcam Terahertz Camera

The high-definition TZcam terahertz camera from i2S is the most sensitive on the market. Highly versatile, with a wide range of applications including research, nondestructive tests, agronomics and biomedicine.

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