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New Scale Technologies M3 micro-stages and actuators are all-in-one “smart modules” with built-in controllers: easy to integrate into handheld and portable instruments. They enable smaller, smarter imaging systems, scientific instruments, medical devices, aerospace and defense systems and more.

What's Inside An M3 Module? 

The M3 platform

Smart modules and microstages built on the M3 (micro-mechatronics) platform incoporate:

  • A SQUIGGLE or UTAF piezoelectric micro motor
  • A motor driver ASIC
  • A position sensor (encoder)
  • An on-board microprocessor for PID control
  • A customized motion guide assembly and housing to suit your OEM application

You provide simple motion commands over a standard serial interface. It’s all inside!

Piezoelectric Micro-Positioners

New Scale Technologies M3-L Linear Smart Actuators

The world’s smallest closed-loop linear motion system.

New Technologies M3-FS and M3-F Focus Modules

Tiny, precision focus modules enable smaller instruments.

New Scale Technologies M3-LS Linear Smart Stages

World’s only all-in-one micro stage has embedded drive electronics for smallest size and unmatched ease of use in original equipment manufacture (OEM) systems.

New Scale Technologies M3-RS Rotary Smart Stages

Piezoelectric micro stages with embedded drive electronics offer high precision, smallest size and unmatched ease of use.

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