Lexel Laser

Lexel manufacture continuous wave (CW) deep ultraviolet (DUV), mid-UV and visible ion lasers. Lexel products are reliable, versatile systems available with advanced telemetry and control.

Lexel gas-ion lasers are crafted to the highest quality and performance. Choose from the Quantum series of second harmonic generation (SHG) gas-ion lasers which provide true CW DUV from 229nm to 264nm with output from 50mW to 200mW, plus tunable visible wavelengths from 457nm to 528nm or the Prism series of gas-ion lasers which provide multiline output from 457nm to 528nm with output from 1W to 7W, plus tunable singleline wavelengths from 454nm to 528nm.

Continuous Wave Gas Lasers

Lexel Quantum Series Second Harmonic Generation Deep Ultraviolet Lasers, 229 to 528nm, 50 to 200mW

Continuous wave deep ultraviolet laser with wavelengths from 229 to 528nm and power from 50 to 200mW.

Lexel Prism Series Ion Lasers, 351 to 1090nm, 1 to 7W

Continuous wave ion laser with wavelengths from 351 to 1090nm and power from 1 to 7W.

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