Femtonics - Advanced Microscopy

Femtonics focuses on the research and development of two-photon laser scanning microscopes for the booming area of (neuro)physiological investigations. Their microscopes are tuned for the fastest 2D and 3D optical measurements and are especially suited for cutting-edge brain research and pharmaceutical development. Their modular nature ensures that they can be easily adapted to suit other applications, including biophysical use

Femtonics is one of the most dynamically expanding manufacturers of two-photon laser scanning microscopy. They make unique, custom designed 2D systems and as a pioneer, they have introduced real-time 3D imaging technology to the market. With their highly modular design each Femtonics microscope can be configured to readily meet the researcher’s own needs, plus they have the capability to address a wide variety of biological applications.


Femto 3D-AO ATLAS - Acousto-Optic Scanner

Femto 3D-AO Atlas Acousto Optic Scanner

The Femto 3D-AO ATLAS is an Acousto-Optic scanner based two-photon microscope extension that can be added to any upright microscope to enable 3D functional imaging at acquisition rates of >53 kHz. 

FemtoSmart Two-Photon Microscope

FemtoSmart two-photon microscope

The FemtoSmart from Femtonics is the first in a new generation of two-photon microscopes which have been designed with a specially elevated body that results in a small footprint of only 250x250 mm. This ensures there is a large space below the objective for complete freedom in positioning the sample but also enables the user to accomdate a host of in-vivo accessories.

Femto3D-AO Two-Photon Microscope

In the past ten-year Femtonics have developed and patented many new technologies such that they can now provide their customers with the Femto3D-AcoustoOptic microscope which is the first, truly high speed, randon access 3D, two-photon microscope on the market.

The Femto3D-AO is capable of scanning neuronal, dendritic, and other neuropil activities about one million times faster as compared to previous realizations within a large (about cubic millimeter) scanning volume whilst preserving two-photon resolution.

Femto2D-Dual Two-Photon Microscope

The Femto2D-Dual microscope has the ability to perform dual scanning using both galvo and resonant scanners in tandem. The microscope offers the same flexible scanning patterns of the Femto2D-Galvo for flexible ROIs combined with the fast imaging speeds of the Femto2D-Resonant.

Raster, random access point, multiple line (up to 40 lines scan @ 5 ms), folded frame, multiple frame (up to 8 fps @ 512x512 pixels) and random point access are attainable. Combine this with the fast imaging speeds of up to 31 frames per sec for 512x512 pixels over the entire FOV.

Femto2D-Resonant Two-Photon Microscope

The Femto2D-Resonant microscope is the microscope of choice for two-photon in-vivo imaging of the entire field of view with high frame rates.

Thanks to the 8kHz oscillating speed of the fast mirror, the Femto2D-Resonant is capable of gathering images at 31 frames per sec for 512x512 pixels and 600x600um2. Record up to 500fps for 512x32 pixels and 16,000 lines/sec for straight lines

Femto2D-Galvo Two-Photon Microscope

The Femto2D-Galvo from Femtonics is a galvanometric scanner based two-photon microscope which positioning freedom supports flexible approaches for Region of Interest (ROI) creation.

The Femto2D-Galvo offers flexible scanning patterns such as raster, random access point, multiple line (up to 40 lines scan @ 5 ms), folded frame, multiple frame (up to 8 fps @ 512x512 pixels) and random point access.

Microscope Accessories

Femtonics Focus Tunable Liquid Lens for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics Focus Tunable Liquid Lens is a combination of a standard objective and a fast focusing lens. The lens utilizes electrically controlled shape-changing membrane to focus over a 200nm focal range whilst allowing fast switching between focal planes at a switching speed of 10ms.

Femtonics Piezo Objective Positioner for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics piezo objective positioner is available as an upgrade to all Femtonics two-photon microscopes to equip the system with piezo objective positioner to collect signals from different depths with up to 200 Hz resolving activity (500Hz in resonant scanning) and with nm resolution.

Femtonics Tilting Objective for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics tilting objective is available as an upgrade to all Femto2D product line (Femto2D-Galvo, Femto2D-Resonant and Femto2D-Dual) and FemtoS series. The unit gives flexible objective positioning with a high degree of freedom and precision and so is primarily useful for in vivo experiments, intravital imaging, deep brain imaging in rodents or even non human primates.

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