Sirah Lasertechnik

Sirah Laser and PlasmaTechnik

Leading supplier of pulsed dye laser systems and Raman cells.

Sirah GmbH, formed in 1997, offer the broadest range of pulsed Dye lasers on the market - from simple broadband systems to ultra narrow linewidth double grating designs. A highly modular design enables systems to be configured to precisely match your requirements All systems feature replaceable dye cells allowing fast and simple dye changes to be made. It is now even possible to exchange resonator units within a very short time, which gives you the key to a whole new world of dye laser applications.

Tunable Lasers (OPO, Dye, etc.)

Sirah Gropius Synchronously Pumped Tunable Picosecond Dye Laser, 355 to 532nm, 25W

Pulsed dye laser with tunable wavelengths from 355 to 532nm, a power of 25W, repetition rate from 75 to 80MHz and pulsewidth from 1 to 50ps.

Sirah Frequency Conversion Units, 190 to 3800nm, 15 to 6300mW

Frequency Conversion Units

Pulsed laser with tunable wavelengths from 190 to 3800nm, power from 15 to 6300mW, energy from 6.56 to 38mJ and repetition rate from 10 to 100Hz.

Sirah Credo Tunable Dye Laser, 370 to 920nm, 0.1 to 45W

Credo Tuneable Dye Laser

Pulsed dye laser with tunable wavelengths from 370 to 920nm, power from 0.1 to 45W and repetition rate from 0 to 200kHz.

Cobra Tunable Dye Laser

Cobra Tuneable Dye laser

Sirah's Cobra single stage dye laser is offered as an oscillator only or with a preamplifier built in. Absolute wavelength accuracy of <30pm is possible.

Cobra-Stretch Tunable Dye Laser

Cobra-Stretch Tuneable Dye Laser

With the Cobra-Stretch, Sirah offer a two stage dye laser with space for an additional amplifier or frequency conversion unit (FCU). Absolute wavelength accuracy of <30pm is possible.

PrecisionScan Tunable Dye Laser

PrecisionScan Tuneable Dye Laser

Sirah have re-invented the pulsed dye laser with the re-design of the PrecisionScan. This three stage dye laser is available either as an amplifier and frequence conversion unit (FCU), or two amplifiers. High power or large wavelength range are available.

Pulsed Amplifier Dye Laser

Pulsed Dye Amplifier

Sirah's Pulsed Amplifier utilises five amplification stages and phase conjugate mirror based on stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) producing single mode laser pulses.

Credo Ti:Sa Laser


The compact solid-state high repetition rate Credo Titanium:Sapphire Laser is designed for applications where a wide tuning range and high pulse intensity with narrow linewidth is needed.

Laser Consumables

Dye Filter

Dye Filter

FS dye filter from Sirah

Laser Diagnostic Equipment

Optogalvanic Calibration Device

Optogalvanic Calibration Device

Sirah's optogalvanic calibration device provides an excellent solution for wavelength calibration inadequacies in the visible and near UV regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Dye Laser Software

Dye Laser Software

Compete Windows TM control software for all Sirah lasers with complete LabVIEW TM support.

Laser Optics

Dye Laser Cell

Dye Laser Cell

20mm and 40mm dye laser cells.

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