LTB Lasertechnik Berlin

LTB Lasertechnik Berlin

As experienced developers and manufacturers of modern laser technology, from the UV to the NIR range, LTB Lasertechnik Berlin provides appropriate tools for a wide range of scientific research and industrial applications.

LTB in Germany aim to anticipate customers needs within the widest array of applications and incorporate them into their products. This process brings to light new application possibilities with their series of compact nitrogen lasers. Apart from the high quality and know-how that customers have come to expect and rely on, LTB products are economical, practical, mobile, and efficient. The range of products are used in laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy LIF, MALDI TOF mass spectroscopy, surface analysis, highly sensible detection in biotechnology and genetic engineering, high-speed photography and lithography.

Tunable Lasers (OPO, Dye, etc.)

Manual UDL Second Harmonic Generation Dye Lasers

The manually tuned UDL dye lasers are small and compact. They are characterized by a transversal pump geometry and depending on the model by different spectral bandwidths.

Automated Tuning Module Second Harmonic Generation Dye Lasers

The automated tuning module (ATM) series are compact, efficient and variable. The standard version of the ATM is optimized for a range of pump lasers.

Excimer and Nitrogen Pulsed Gas Lasers

LTB Lasertechnik MNL Series Nitrogen Laser, 337nm, 60 to 225μJ

MNL Series - nitrogen lasers

Pulsed nitrogren laser with a wavelength of 337nm, energy from 60 to 225μJ, repetition rate from 1 to 300Hz and a pulsewidth of 3ns.

Miniature Spectrometer Systems

DEMON Series Spectrometers

The DEMON is a spectral high-resolution Double Echelle MONochromator.

CORALIS - Combined Raman LIBS System

CORALIS (COmbined RAman LIbs System) provides unique advantages for applications in the fields of technical cleanliness, particle analysis, forensics and others due to the exceptional combination of imaging, molecular and elemental analysis.

LIBSlab - laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Modular and compact laboratory analyzer for the qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis with LIBS.

Aryelle Series Spectrometer

Aryelle wide range spectrographs

The Aryelle series of spectrometers from LTB are high resolution echelle spectrometers that can generate spectra of relatively arbitrary dimension with high wavelength stability, spectral resolution and radiation throughput.

Elias Series Spectrometers

Elias Spectrometers

The Elias series of emission line analysing spectrometer from LTB are echelle spectrometers with an extremely high resolution capability. They are used for the highly resolving spectral measurement of emission and absorption lines, particularly laser lines.

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