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Broadcom Spectrometers in OEM Applications 16 Apr 2024
Introduction In the realm of OEM applications, the integration of advanced technologies plays a pivotal role in enhancing functionality and efficiency. Spectrometers stand out as indispensable tools… (more)

See Your Farm In a New Light 07 Aug 2023
Double your yield. Slash your expenses. Increase your output while decreasing overheads. Raise the quality of your product. Everyone has heard these (or similar) demands. None more so than… (more)

2023 Product Catalogue 09 Jun 2023
Get your catalogue now (more)

Xenon: Warrior Princess - 5 Reasons to Choose Xenon over LED Solar Simulators 09 Mar 2023
Xenon solar simulators are widely used in the testing and characterisation of solar cells and photovoltaic materials. While LED (light-emitting diode) technology is becoming increasingly popular… (more)

Get the LED Out: 5 Reasons to Choose LED Over Pressurised Gas Solar Simulators 07 Mar 2023
You need the most accurate light source possible. Being able to easily and consistently replicate the sun’s output – both terrestrially and extra terrestrially – in… (more)

Narrow Bandwidth QCLs for Gas Sensing 16 Feb 2023
Benzene is a highly toxic chemical. Unfortunately, it is used in large quantities in industry; particularly in the manufacture of petrochemical products and plastics, as… (more)

Imaging of dehydration in particulate matter using Raman line-focus microscopy 18 Jan 2023
A Raman line-focus mapping option was applied for fast simultaneous mappingof differently sized and shaped particles of nitrofurantoin monohydrate, revealing the appearance of multiple solid-state… (more)

Towards Raman imaging of centimeter scale tissue boundaries for clinical applications 06 Jan 2023
  Mirrorless Raman Combined with Augmented and Virtual Reality Reconstructs Molecular Information from Tissue Surface There is a growing interest in the development of methods for real-time… (more)

Fast and quantitative 2D and 3D orientation mapping using Raman microscopy 06 Jan 2023
Non-destructive orientation mapping is an important characterization tool in materials science and geoscience for understanding and/or improving material properties based on their grain structure. Confocal Raman… (more)

Broadband Spectroscopy with High Throughput 25 Nov 2022
The GEMINI's ultra-broad spectral range allows users to measure dynamics at all wavelengths and, how the fluorescence spectrum evolves over time. The GEMINI overcomes the… (more)

Why can't we remember everything? 23 Sep 2022
When the hits to our conversion calculators on our website increased, we decided to try and understand why there are some things we just can't… (more)

Sciencetech's Success Stories - Highly Collimated Aerospace Solar Simulator 06 May 2021
A prominant National Space Agency presented Sciencetech with a multi-faceted design challenge. How do you make a highly uniform and intense light source with a… (more)

Ground Breaking New QCL Wavelength Range from 10µm to 17µm 20 Oct 2020
Mid-IR molecular spectroscopy is a rapidly developing and promising technique, enabling high-performance chemical detection and analysis for industrial or environmental purposes, with new wavelength ranges… (more)

Handheld spectral scanning for agriculture with NeoSpectra Scanner: Speeding supply to market – with a seal of approval 16 Aug 2020
Having scanned data from ‘point of produce’ is a game-changer for growers, buyers and food manufacturers, writes Ahmed Korayem, technical marketing lead at Si-Ware Systems. The… (more)

Take a deep look into animal organs and nervous systems with the SuperK FIANIUM 03 Aug 2020
New research in neuroscience and microscopy allows researchers to look deep into animal organs and nervous systems – from squids and worms to fish and… (more)

Photonic Solutions Munro Challenge 15 May 2020
10 people, 3 disciplines, one goal - to fundraise for Marie Curie. We are an active bunch at Photonic Solutions and before Covid-19 put us into… (more)

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