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Sciencetech's Success Stories - Highly Collimated Aerospace Solar Simulator 06 May 2021
A prominant National Space Agency presented Sciencetech with a multi-faceted design challenge. How do you make a highly uniform and intense light source with a… (more)

Ground Breaking New QCL Wavelength Range from 10µm to 17µm 20 Oct 2020
Mid-IR molecular spectroscopy is a rapidly developing and promising technique, enabling high-performance chemical detection and analysis for industrial or environmental purposes, with new wavelength ranges… (more)

Handheld spectral scanning for agriculture with NeoSpectra Scanner: Speeding supply to market – with a seal of approval 16 Aug 2020
Having scanned data from ‘point of produce’ is a game-changer for growers, buyers and food manufacturers, writes Ahmed Korayem, technical marketing lead at Si-Ware Systems. The… (more)

Take a deep look into animal organs and nervous systems with the SuperK FIANIUM 03 Aug 2020
New research in neuroscience and microscopy allows researchers to look deep into animal organs and nervous systems – from squids and worms to fish and… (more)

Photonic Solutions Munro Challenge 15 May 2020
10 people, 3 disciplines, one goal - to fundraise for Marie Curie. We are an active bunch at Photonic Solutions and before Covid-19 put us into… (more)

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