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Our comprehensive range of Photomultiplierss are ideally suited to photon counting applications, such as Time correlated, Steady state and gated Photon counting complement. For TCSPC applications we offer Becker & Hickl's PMC-100 cooled high speed photomultipliers which is a complete PMT detector head with integrated peltier cooling. For multi-channel single photon counting Becker & Hickl offer the PML-16 16 channel photomultiplier. If your requirement is for a high dynamic range detector designed for both analog & photon counting measurements then Licel's photomultiplier module is the system of choice. This photomultiplier module is designed to fit the special needs of the Lidar community but is equally well suited for applications such as fluorescence detection and other spectroscopy applications.

Photomultipliers, Systems and Housings - products

PMC-150 Universal TCSPC Detector

PMC-150 Cooled PMT Module

PMC-150 from Becker & Hickl is a cooled high speed PMT detector head for photon counting. Ideal for TCSPC systems operated with DCC-100.

PML-16-C 16 channel photomultiplier head

PML-16 16 channel PMT module

PML-16 from Becker & Hickl is a 16 channel photomultiplier head for bh Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) modules.

HPM-100 Series High Speed Hybrid Detectors

High Speed Hybrid Detectors

The HPM-100 series of high speed hybrid detectors for time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) measurements from Becker and Hickl is available with either a gallium arseninde phosphide (GaAsP) cathode or a gallium arsenide (GaAs) cathode for increased near infrared sensitivity and an instrument response function of less than 20ps with clean response, no tails or secondary peaks and low afterpulsing probability.

Multispectral LIDAR Detector

Multispectral LIDAR Detector

The Licel SP32HR multispectral lidar detector allows simultaneous detection of multiple spectrometer wavelengths at high repetition rates.

Photomultiplier module

Photomultiplier module

Licel high dynamic range detectors are designed for analog & photon counting measurements. This new photomultiplier module based on a Hamamatsu Mini-PMT is designed to fit the special needs of the Lidar community.

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