Laser Diagnostic Equipment

Within our laser diagnostic equipment range you will find an extensive range of diagnostic equipment for ultrafast lasers including APE's range of autocorrelators, pulse pickers, spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction (SPIDERS) and also Bristol Instruments' interferometer-based wavelength meters that accurately measure the absolute wavelength and spectrum of laser systems as well the thickness of optically transparent materials.

Laser Diagnostic Equipment - products

Flame Spectrometer

The Flame spectrometer from Ocean Optics offers high thermal stability and user interchangeable slits.

HR Series Spectrometers

HR Series Spectrometers

HR series high resolution spectrometers from Ocean Optics.

pulseCheck Type 2

High dynamic range autocorrelator for high contrast pulse characterization.

871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter - Scientific

The 871 Series Pulsed Laser Wavelength Meter provides accurate wavelength information for researchers who need to know the exact wavelength of their CW or pulsed lasers.

Bristol Instruments 671 Series Wavelength Meter - Scientific

The best way to determine the absolute wavelength of CW lasers is with the 671 Series Laser Wavelength Meter.

828 Series High Speed Optical Wavelength Meter

Bristol Instruments, the leader in optical wavelength measurement instrumentation, offers an interferometer based wavelength meter that is designed to revolutionize wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) testing applications.

Bristol Instruments 438 Series Wavelength Meter - WDM

The 438 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter combines proven Michelson interferometer-based technology with fast Fourier transform analysis in order to measure the wavelength, power, and OSNR of as many as 1000 discrete optical signals.

Bristol Instruments 428 Series Wavelength Meter - WDM

The 428 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter simultaneously measures wavelength, power, and OSNR of up to 1000 discrete optical signals.

Bristol Instruments 228 Series Wavelength Meter - WDM

228 Series Wavelength Meter - WDM. Single-wavelength, CW signals

The 228 Series Optical Wavelength Meter combines high accuracy and exceptional repeatability to achieve the most meaningful results for WDM test applications.

771 Series Laser Spectrum Analyzer

The 771 series laser spectrum analyzer provides the most complete wavelength and spectral characterization of continuous wave (CW) and high repetition rate pulsed lasers that operate from 375nm to 12µm.

Bristol BC Series Fiber-Optic Laser Coupler

The BC-1 Series Fiber-Optic Input Coupler is a convenient way to launch a free-space laser beam into an optical fiber.

Bristol LC Series Fiber-Optic Laser Coupler

LC Series Fiber-Optic Laser Coupler

The LC-1 Series Fiber-Optic Input Coupler is a convenient way to launch a free-space laser beam into an optical fiber.

FOS Series Fiber Optic Switch

The FOS Series fiber optic switch from Bristol Instruments.

Fast Flight-2 Digital Signal Averager

With its ability to process up to 100 averaged spectra per second, while responding proportionally to multiple ions in each detector pulse, the FASTFLIGHT-2 is a superior solution for data acquisition in LC/TOF-MS and GC/TOF-MS applications.

IR Spider

The IR Spider is a precision tool for the complete spectral and temporal characterization of infrared (IR) laser pulses between 30 … 500 fs pulse width at 1µm wavelength. For chirped pulses of more than to 2ps width, the sign of the chirp can be detected – ideal for e.g. the alignment of pulse compressors.

FC Spider

FC Spider

The new FC SPIDER (Few Cycle SPIDER) from APE offers a precision tool for complete spectral and temporal characterisation in the red and NIR spectral region of ultra-short optical laser pulses with FWHM down to 5 femtoseconds.

LX Spider

LX Spider

The LX SPIDER from APE is a compact and robust instrument for complete spectral and temporal characterisation of femtosecond laser pulses.

Mini USB Autocorrelator

MINI Autocorrelator

The APE Mini autocorrelator is a compact standard autocorrelation system.

pulseCheck USB Autocorrelator

PulseCheck Autocorrelator

The pulseCheck autocorrelator from APE is the industry leader in ultrafast pulsewidth measurement.

Carpe Microscopy Autocorrelator

Carpe Microscopy Autocorrelatior

The APE Carpe autocorrelator is the first autocorrelator for microscopy applications.

ScanDelay USB translator

ScanDelay USB translator

APE's new ScanDelay USB is a high precision linear translation device that generates a defined linear shift of an optical component.

AstroComb Calibration System

AstroComb Calibration System

AstroComb Optical Frequency Synthesizer-based Calibration System

peakDetect pulse measurement

peakDetect pulse measurement

peakDetect is ideal for verifying the performance of ultrashort pulse lasers, focusing on peak power sensitive applications and integrated systems for microscopy, micro-machining and medical diagnostic/surgery.

Laser Power Probe

Laser Power Probe

Each Macken Laser Power Probe is a self contained unit consisting of an absorbing head, a temperature measuring mechanism and a readout dial.

Optogalvanic Calibration Device

Optogalvanic Calibration Device

Sirah's optogalvanic calibration device provides an excellent solution for wavelength calibration inadequacies in the visible and near UV regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Dye Laser Software

Dye Laser Software

Compete Windows TM control software for all Sirah lasers with complete LabVIEW TM support.

Infrared Viewers

Infrared Viewers

Power Technology offer a range of infrared viewers for alignment, thermal imaging and observation.

waveScan Spectrometer

WaveScan USB Spectrometer

The waveScan spectrometer from APE is as easy to use, cost-effective device for spectral analysis of continuous wave (CW) and modelocked laser systems.

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