Laser Power and Energy Meters

We can offer you the full range of Genetec Electro-Optics (Gentec-EO) monitors, a number of Gentec's power meters and their QE12 and QE25 energy detectors. All of Gentec-EO's power and energy meters we supply are compatible with a variety of our laser systems. Gentec-EO offer monitors that are compatible with both power and energy meters, feature integrated display or operate without display from a PC, or if your looking for the fastest digital needle display on the market then the power meter compatible Tuner monitor is the one for you, offering less than a 1 second response time. 

Laser Power and Energy Meters - products

Gentec Energy Detectors

Energy Detector

Gentec's pyroelectric energy meters cover a very wide range, going from nanojoules to several tens of joules per pulse.

Laser Power Probe

Laser Power Probe

Each Macken Laser Power Probe is a self contained unit consisting of an absorbing head, a temperature measuring mechanism and a readout dial.

Gentec Power Detectors

Power Heads

Get accurate measurements with fast response times with Gentec's range of thermopile or pyroelectric power meters. Available with various absorbers and demonstrating the highest damage threshold shown by devices of this type. Gentec Power Heads are suitable for a wide range of applications, requiring accurate measurement capability from nanowatt to multi-kilowatt power levels.

Gentec Laser Power and Energy Monitors

Gentec monitors

Gentec-EO monitors are available in various sizes and types to cover all applications. We can provide monitors with or without LCD display (PC-based), providing power or energy readings, or both.

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