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Signal Recovery designs, manufactures and sells lock-in amplifiers, choppers, signal averagers, amplifiers, light choppers, signal multiplexers, and specialized counters.

Lock-In Amplifiers & Choppers - products

9210 Multichannel Lock-in Amplifier

The SIGNAL RECOVERY Model 9210 is a compact multichannel lock-in amplifier which uses the latest FPGA technology to deliver an instrument which can make complex AC and DC measurements on up to ten different analogue signals. In addition it can generate excitation signals to drive the experiment, as well as measure the current delivered by these signals.

Model 7230 Digital Signal Processing Lock-in Amplifier

The model 7230 is a new concept in general-purpose digital signal processing (DSP) lock-in amplifiers. It offers the excellent signal recovery performance that users expect from our instruments but at a lower price than many competitive models.

Model 7270 DSP Lock-in amplifier

Model 7270 DSP Lock-in amplifier

The model 7270 sets a new standard for general-purpose DSP lock-in amplifiers giving outstanding performance that is easy to use and suitable for virtually all measurements over a frequency range extending from 1 mHz to 250 kHz.

Precision Light Chopper

The model 197 is a compact, high performance chopper, offering features and benefits that are ideal for use in modern photometric systems.

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