Optical Rotators and Isolators

We offer optical rotators and isolators from Electro-Optics Technology. EOT manufactures an extensive range of optical rotators & isolators for a variety of applications with models available for laser diodes, tuneable lasers and 1.0micron lasers.

An Optical Isolators provides high transmission in the forward direction and strongly attenuates light traveling in the reverse direction effectively protecting laser oscillators from the deleterious effects of back reflections.

Optical Rotators and Isolators - products

High and Low Power Faraday Rotators and Isolators

1.0 - 1.1Ã�ï¿Â&fra

EOT manufactures Faraday rotators and optical isolators with apertures from 2mm to 45mm. Escape ports and waveplates are optional.

Tornos Series Rotators and Isolators

Wavelength Tunable Isolators/Rotators

EOT manufactures low and medium power wavelength tunable Faraday rotators and isolators for the 500-1030nm region.

Eurys Series Broadband Rotators and Isolators

Broadband Rotators/Isolators

EOT manufactures broadband (Ti:Sapphire, centre wavelength 800nm) Faraday rotators and Faraday isolators with apertures of 5, 8 and 10mm.

Rotating Polariser

Rotating Polariser

The Licel Rotating Polariser is a software controlled module featuring rotating Glan Thompson prism to either add or de-polarise multispectral detection in the wavelength range 210 nm to 2300nm.

Custom Faraday Rotators and Isolators

Custom Faraday Rotators/Isolators

EOT has years of experience designing and manufacturing Faraday rotators and isolators for demanding applications.

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