Spark Lasers

Spark Lasers develops, manufactures and sells worldwide innovative, compact picosecond lasers. They offer a cost effective solution in a reliable, high performance, in a very compact and rugged package.

Compact and easy to install/use........see the SPARK LASERS installation video.

Lasers for Microscopy

Antares Picosecond Pulsed, Ultrafast Fiber Laser

ANTARES is a is a picosecond, Quasi-Continuous Wave laser with a high repetition rate of either 40 or 80 MHz, narrow linewidth (< 0.3nm), in a very compact and robust format and makes it ideally suited to bioimaging applications such as Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, Time Correlated Single Photon Counting and CARS Spectroscopy.

Altair Femtosecond, Ultrafast Fiber Laser

ALTAIR is a femtosecond, Quasi-Continuous Wave range of fiber lasers emitting at around 1 micron (typically 1040 nm, but also at 1030 nm, 1050 nm and 1064 nm) which delivers world's class performance in a rugged, compact, air-cooled package. With repetition rates of either 40 or 80 MHz in a robust and extremely easy to install format, this laser is ideally suited for the most demanding biophotonics needs including multiphoton microscopy, neuroscience, optogenetics and SHG.

Ultrafast lasers and Oscillators

Antares Ultrafast Laser

ANTARES is a high repetition rate, narrow linewidth, picosecond fiber Quasi-Continuous Wave laser in a very compact and robust format that is ideally suited for industrial and scientific applications such as OPO pumping.

Altair Ultrafast Laser

ALTAIR produces high average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses (<150fs) at high repetition rate, typically 80 MHz, in a compact and robust format. ALTAIR is a fiber laser providing high stability and excellent beam quality.

Sirius Ultrafast Laser

SIRIUS, Compact High Energy Picosecond Laser.

VEGA Ultrafast Laser

VEGA Compact, high energy, picosecond fiber laser.

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